Whiskey poker

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Whiskey Poker

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One more hand should be dealt than the number of players. The player is allowed to exchange the hand they have received for the face down hand on the table.

The object of the game is to get the best traditional poker hand possible by exchanging cards from the kitty in the center of the table. Once a player has no more chips remaining they must exit the game or buy the next round of drinks, which is another traditional price for losing.

The hand with the best such sequence is better - longer sequences beat shorter ones and if they are equal in length higher sequences beat lower ones. The second betting round happens now.

You discard one card from your hand face up to the table and take a card from the spare hand in exchange for it. Each player gets the choice to exchange their hand. As before, play ends when the turn gets back to the first player to knock.

A player who knocks does not get another chance, and all other players have only a single bet left. If they choose to stick with what they have, then they have two options: Despite the fact that whiskey poker was regularly played in both the late 19th century and the early 20th century, the game has pretty much died out at casinos today.

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Knock — this too is the same as the first round, and signals an end to the hand. You discard your whole hand face up and take the whole spare hand in exchange for it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If having lost your original chips you choose to buy "La Viuda", you can continue playing until you lose that chip as well, and are finally eliminated from the game. Whiskey Poker was so named because it was often played for refreshments, and John Scarne asserts in Scarne on Cards that Whiskey Poker is, in fact, the ancestor from which modern Rummy games are descended.

What is Whiskey Poker?

A player who knocks does not get another chance, and all other players have only a single bet left. As in Whisky Poker, the dealer deals a 5-card hand to each player and a spare hand of 5 cards.

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After the end of the second betting round, the widow is shown, with the player to the left of the dealer offered the first chance to play.

Each player remaining must make their last turn. Move the widow to the center of the table, keeping it face down.

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Once a player has no more chips remaining they must exit the game or buy the next round of drinks, which is another traditional price for losing. Because each player receives five chips to begin with, it can take only three hands to see a player eliminated. In the second phase the 5-card spare hand is face up on the table, and at your turn you have the following three options: The player next to the dealer is the one with the first chance to bet on their hand, and they can do one of three things: You keep your cards, but reserve the right to exchange cards in future.

After that wraps up, the widow is exposed.

It is described in many late 19th century and early 20th century card game books, but is less well known nowadays. If playing for money, the value of a chip should be agreed before beginning.

When a player knocks and the others have had one more turn, all the cards are shown and the hands compared.

Take all five cards — this is the same as the initial round, but now the cards are face up. In place of betting, each player may also be supplied with an arbitrary number of chips e.

whiskey poker

If two hands are otherwise equal, a hand with fewer wild cards or none beats a hand with more wild cards. In the first deal, the Aces are always wild, because there is one chip in the pool.

You are not allowed to look at the spare hand before deciding to do this, and you do not show the spare hand to the other players. Your email address will not be published.

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If two hands are equal as poker hands and have no wild cards or an equal numberthen look for sequences of two or more adjacent cards of the same suit. The jokers are wild cards, and in addition there is a wild card determined by the number of chips in the central pool.

If you decide to play this way, ignore instructions below regarding betting. Take a single card — this requires the player to discard one card and take a single card from the kitty. Players also have the option to exchange their entire hand for the widow, but they may not exchange, say, three cards at once; it must be one card or all of them.

After this, the next player to their left may do the same, and so on. The player with lowest hand must submit a chip into the pool, and the winner gets the entire pool. The other players then have one more turn.

Rudy Quezada suggests that it might have originally been called "La Vida" lifesince it gives an extra life to the player who buys it. This game allows up to nine players at any time, making it a great at-home game to enjoy. The deal continues until each hand has five cards.


If you decide to keep your cards, you have two options: Posted on Comments 0 Whiskey Poker sometimes spelled Whisky Poker is an older variant of poker, commonly played in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but fairly obscure today. The money paid for the chips will go to the winner of the game. Deal The first dealer is chosen by drawing cards lowest dealsand thereafter the turn to deal passes to the left after each hand.

Whiskey Poker Explained The ultimate aim of whiskey poker is for players to finish with the highest possible five-card hand. This brings the game into the second phase, and players can do the following: Object of Whiskey Poker The object of Whiskey Poker is to end the hand with the highest possible five-card poker hand. Please scroll down to view the next term Whereas modern day poker is played for cash, players undertaking whiskey poker were attempting to net themselves some refreshments.


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