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How Much Money Do Poker Players REALLY Have?


November 4, at November 17, at 6: Thanks to Noah and Co.

Ferguson’s Accounts

Can u maybe post your stars nickname on teh site or something bc i dont have paypall or a credit card. This complicates the accounting slightly, and the result is that some of these numbers are minor underestimates.

You know the one that was caught cheating and paying off officials in the champions league? If current FTP shareholders agree to the sale, GBT can move on to licensing, making the new company one step closer to launch.

What's New

November 2, at 2: Time to ask for compensation for all the waiting. November 7, at 4: November 2, at 4: This stuff is all crap, the deal has been struck, dont worry about Groupe, and bernard, it is now the DOJ you should worry about, what percentage will they pay us, then how much of the left over money will be taxed, they are in this for a reason, were not the reason, the money in are accounts is.

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Agreement was just signed. Is it goin out by check?

Pray to god for weeks, he might be real Reply. Footnotes Though there were multiple such accounts, we see no reason to distinguish between them.

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P were way ahead when they chose the title for this article. It would likely be easier to have a friend donate for you, though.

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Obviously this is an awesome step forward for everyone who had money stolen, but what percentage are we really likely to get? Hoping they can get it done before the holidays, if so my fam will have a hell of a christmas: Theme based on a theme by bavotasan.

Advertising money is the grease that helps keep those wheels spinning. So, if and when FTP comes back to life operationallets say in Janany1 thinks they will still offer rakeback and their black card promotion?

That agreement will very likely address the status of your shares or interests in the successor company.

Beyond these conditions, issues like the time frame and process for repayment of players remain unclear at this point and time. November 8, at 7: Good point…and unfortunately this email is from Ray Bitar. Time to get PAID!

Unfortunately, moving money to Americans in the poker world got a lot harder after Black Friday. Imrich and attempted to contact Mr.

November 2, at 5: Getting deposited to the account we registered w full tilt? Anyone keeping informed can only wonder at the administrative and accounting nightmare to accomplish what Ray Bitar glibly sums up in a few words in the email.

November 2, at 8: November 1, at 6: Not life changing dollars, but will look much better in my bank account where it belongs! However, he was also reportedly the recipient of monthly distributions.

We do not know at this time what the timeline for such repayment will be. They make up a big part of the database.

Thanks so much for offering to donate. I am pleased to announce that today the Department of Justice and Groupe Bernard Tapie have reached an agreement in principle regarding the acquisition of the companies comprising FullTiltPoker.

Pray to god for weeks, he might be real. Members representing two thirds of ownership interest must vote to approve any such deal.

Among the many reasons we at Cardplayer Lifestyle came to respect Subject Poker as an authority in the field was their commitment to exclusively rely on donations to assist in their operations, rather than accept advertising money. We typically do not publish such information with so little detail, but we felt that this situation warranted fast publication.

Since this happened, Ferguson and Imrich have been claiming that they are entitled to an accounting to see if they can recoup for themselves any funds that they feel were spent improperly. Connect with Robbie on Twitter cardplayerlife, or via email: November 2, at 3: I think this is cause to believe my equity in the hand went up. It is not clear whether they can even legally file such a suit, nor is it clear that it would be successful.

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