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Sanya Poker

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WPT National China Pool Party


Another player in the BB with who covered Panzica also joined. Yet again, Qiang found an ace on the flop and Bei would have to settle for third place.

You know how on North American tour stops the snacks outside the tournament room are pizza, sandwiches, and salads? No expense was spared. The CPC has been held annually since The RMB 1 million prize pool was the highest ever in mainland China.

Правда или развод?

Another breakthrough for the CPC was its move to Sanya, which has long held a reputation as an exotic tourist destination. Imagine busting out of the main event with QQ The players came flocking in a few days after I arrived, as did the vendors and sponsors.

Daniel Weinman and Sam Panzica: Fei called the short-stacked shove to put Ying at risk and found an ace on the flop to eliminate her in fifth place. There were 25 tables including a madefor- TV feature table, TV cameras, advertising and sponsors billboards around the room and seats provided for the fans.

Плюсы и минусы использования

The CPC became a 10 program series that propelled the status of tournament poker in China to a new level. The inaugural event held in Beijing had a modest prize pool of RMBI was very relieved that they were able to get a much better understanding of poker culture after this event. Tensions were high in a chaotic non-air-conditioned tropical airport with all the flights from the previous day cancelled.

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One of the nicest aspects of my position is being invited to wonderful events all around Asia. Zhao Lian was the unfortunate bubble boy as his fate was determined after two other tables first completed their hands.

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He took the lead on the flop and turned two pair when the hit, but the river gave Qian the runner-runner Broadway straight to knock out Dong in fourth place. The board was meaningless until a came out on the river sending Zhao out at th place while the rest of the players in contention celebrated the fact that they all made it In The Money ITM.

He further improved to a full house on the river to end the tournament. I advanced to day two with a healthy 80, chips, and will posting updates on Twitter. A mere nine players made the money. And as much as I love my dearfoam slippers and having the oxygen girls entertain players at the Rio during WSOP, the vendors here ranged from segways to red bull to ecommerce sites.

My first night in Beijing I got off the plane and basically went straight for a tour of the Ourgame headquarters. Qiang spiked an ace on and held to send Ke out in sixth.

The poker boom in other parts of the world was driven to a large extent by television, and this phenomenon repeated itself in China. I disappointedly busted around th with or so players paying when I was at my low of 14bb. The next day I had an early flight to Sanya.

Из чего сделано?

I was greeted and introduced warmly to their staff and realized for the first time that I had fans in China. They had been traveling around South-Eastern Asia for the past few weeks and wanted to check out the festivities while I was on the same continent as them. It was just like any other major poker event in Macau or Las Vegas.

Four hours later I was in the Hawaii of China!

Literally every time relatives ask me what I wanted at the end of their visits to China I would ask them to bring this one thing back for me. Day 2 is now in the books as 74 players move on to Day 3 of the Main Event.

I ended up having to push back my Beijing-Toronto flight after being stranded on the floor of Sanya airport for most of 5 hours, but I was glad I was able to get out at all!

The player turned over. A heads up for thse who would like to know more: Somuchpoker Newsroom Our Media team is composed by men and women from Asia and Europe dedicated to poker and passionate about sharing stories. But the sleeping giant of poker is mainland China and she is not spending so much time sleeping these days!

Qian was behind with just a pair of twos, but the turn gave Qian the lead. At the same time, business trips with parents present are not without stress. There were intermittent electricity outages and parts of the hotel leaked as the storm raged and winds howled tirelessly outside, but ultimately we were able to leave unscathed and still on a positive note.

As sponsored players, David Chiu, Johnny Chan, Maria Ho, Liz Lieu, and I were warned before the event that there would be many players who would attempt to kamikaze their stacks into our tournament life for the glory of busting an international pro, but my experiences on Day 1 were pretty tame.

Qian continued to do most of the work at the final table, this time getting Li Cheng Bei on the ropes. Our last day in Sanya was actually a little worrisome. Chen Sui Yu was next to bust in eighth place witheliminated by Qiang and his. There is also still a chance I will be making another journey to WPT Korea in mid-December, so stay tuned for updates! I am currently in Montreal visiting my sister while playing the WPT in town.

I felt grateful to be surrounded by great company at a five-star hotel, and really felt bad for the suffering and displaced, especially in the Phillipines.

I started adjusting my body to the jetlag while I was still in Toronto. Players enjoyed a generous 20, chip starting stack and each level lasted 45 minutes.

Sheraton Hotel Sanya

By the CPC had become a threeday event with over players, but the real breakthrough occurred when the event was filmed for television for the first time. Weinman shipped his 45, stack and after the BB folded got this reply from the original raiser: Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the ownership or management of CardPlayer.

My mom and stepdad also took this opportunity to visit me in Sanya. Zhaoplaying in Table 6, had to wait or two other all-ins with calls to be dealt, but the action that happened in Table 15 and Table only yielded double-ups or the shorter stacks.

Cards are in the air! The match lasted less than an hour and in the final hand, Qian raised on the button with and Hu three-bet with. Their vision was to eschew all gambling aspects and promote the game as a healthy mind sport. Qian called and on the flop, Hu bet, Qian moved all in, and Hu called for his remaining chips.

My only other experiences playing poker in Asia was in March when I qualified online and final tabled APPT Seoul, and in when I was still a cash player who diverged to Macau for a few days on a family visit one year and also satellited into the Macau Cup. Haiyan had just hit the Phillippines and the remnants of its terror came our way. But when his chips gradually dwindled he found himself with pocket eights in the SB facing a UTG raise.

You know what a smashing night in China celebrating the birthday of a Royal Flush Girl consists of? In a battle of the blinds, Qiang raised from the small blind with before Dong moved all in from the big blind with. High tech lighting and music added to the atmosphere. Qian called after thinking for a while and Dong, who came into the final table second in chips, was at risk. The next elimination came when Chen Ke shoved with in the small blind and big stack Qiang called in the big blind to put Ke at risk with.

The average stack is now at , it will probably be another two levels before we reach the money bubble as we approach the twilight of Level


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