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Poker Grand Live

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The PokerStars & Monte Carlo Casino EPT 12 Grand Final Super High Roller


This includes attaining all documentation such as passports and visas.

Grand Prix Killarney - €300,000 Gtd

Adam Owen had previously three-bet to 95 million with pocket jacks and then faced a raise to 22 million by Pascal Lefrancois, who had raised with the. Owen moved all in for million and Lefrancois double-checked his cards before calling and standing up from his chair.

Owen checked and folded when he faced a bet of 22 million.

Another decent flop with on let Lefrancois pull away further and he established a 1. To check if you require a visa for your visit to Ireland click here. Owen then raised to 36 million with the and Lefrancois three-bet to million with to get the job done.

Connecting flights to Kerry are available from Dublin. User Account Sign in. For Adam Owenit was a return to the place of his biggest success at the poker tables thus far.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Bad username or password Sign in. The Canadian improved to a runner-runner straight and also took care of Chidwick soon after.

The Belgian became the first casualty of the final table after more than 4 hours of play.

Only a few minutes later the second player that as flying the Belgian flag in the final was sent to the rail in Davidi Kitai. Alternatively, The Brehon Hotel is also part of the same complex.

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The expecting father was supported by a big rail that also included his wife Caroline, ended up second-best with ace-jack against the ace-four of Diogo Veiga. However, the Belgian was twice dominated by the aggression of Stephen Chidwick before his top set on the flop left him short as Dominik Nitsche turned a straight.

The first big double of the final table saw Thomas Boivin best Diogo Veiga after both flopped trips kings.

Adam Owen raised to 25 million with and Pascal Lefrancois called with. Owen three-bet to the very same amount again with and Lefrancois called.

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Both checked the flop and the turn before the on the river brought a bet of million by Lefrancois. Lefrancois opened to 22 million with and Owen defended the.

The flop of opened up some chop opportunities, while the turn changed nothing whatsoever.

Visa Information Players are responsible for ensuring they are eligible to travel to partypoker events before attempting to qualify for or enter a tournament. Kerry Airport is approximately a 15 minute transfer from the venue.

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It was the biggest prize thus far to be awarded in a poker tournament at the Casino Barcelona. Short in chips he moved all in with ace-three suited and Stephen Chidwick called with pocket jacks to remain ahead.

The closest airports are Kerry, Shannon and Cork. I tried to keep my focus even though I was pretty tired. Adam Owen Pascal LeFrancois. Or use your PokerNews account: Killarney station is approximately 10 minutes from the venue and served by trains from Dublin. The flop was checked and the turn gave Lefrancois top pair.

Eventually, the duo both picked up suited aces and Owen four-bet all in with ace-ten, Lefrancois called with ace-jack and the kicker played to crown the Main Event champion.

Pascal Lefrancois defended his big blind with the and Adam Owen had raised with theboth players checked on the flop before the turn paired the board. Live Events 1 Poker Masters.

Where to stay Package winners will be hosted in the Gleneagle Hotel which is connected to the INEC Complex, perfect for easy access to the tournament right from the comfort of your room. Chidwick was all in with ace-seven and Lefrancois called with king-ten suited to immediately spike a king on the flop.

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MPN Poker Tour @ Battle of Malta

Down to the last four players, former dominating big stacks Stephen Chidwick and Dominik Nitsche were sent to the bottom of the counts.

The final table featured several well-known faces of the international poker circuit. Learn more Got it.

But one level I just ran super good and I could hold onto that lead. The above information acts as a guide only.

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To find out more click here. Lefrancois was cheered on by a loud French-Canadian rail, while the other side of the table featured plenty of loud chants from the mostly British supporters throughout the final table to end the festival with a bang. With big pay jumps right away, the tension was quite high and it came as no surprise to see no casualty in the first two hours of play.

Owen called and saw the bad news, losing some of his recently acquire profit. The river brought a bet of 60 million by Lefrancois and Owen called to drop some chips.

Most international flights into Ireland go to Dublin.

On the flop, Owen continued for million and Lefrancois folded. Owen checked and Lefrancois bet big, making it 80 million to go, and that won the pot right there.

The third player to win a seven-figure score already knew what that feels like from just a few days ago. However, the Playground Poker Club in Montreal will host the first edition of Season two in just a few days time, and Lefrancois will definitely be back in action to take another shot at glory on home soil.

Adam Owen three-bet the and folded to a big three-bet big by Pascal Lefrancois with the to scooop up 48 million. Nitsche was the first to fall when his jam with king-six was called by Pascal Lefrancois with king-trey. However, the Canadian had started with a lead before heads-up got underway.

Pascal Lefrancois raised to 18 million with and Adam Owen called with the. Lefrancois bet 40 million and Owen called. Players should check their local travel information before committing to attend a tournament. Getting there By air: Adam Owen raised it up to 38 million and Pascal Lefrancois three-bet to million. Cookies help us deliver our services.

On the flop, Owen checked and called a bet of 12 million to see the appear on the turn.

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