My poker hand

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My Poker Hand

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Best Poker Hand Phil Ivey on Final Table 250K Super High Roller


And all of that finally culminated with my first book Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Or make up something about meeting my girlfriend any minute. Playing lots of blackjack and let-it-ride before and after live sessions, and then occasionally skipping poker all together to play craps.

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Another noteworthy hand came when I raised with pocket Queens, got called only by an off-duty dealer. Any questions or feedback are also promptly answered.

Poker Basics and Hand Rankings

Add it to the list by making a comment! Inverse Part 3 - Playing AJ. C-Betting Like A Champion.

In this case, the villain did something I found odd which may—or may not—have helped me out. The difference is how you acquire three-of-a-kind.

A set is made when your pocket pair hits one card on the board. Poker is a game of five card hands dealt from a 52 card deck of standard playing cards. I busted out of this one fairly quickly due to a total lack of decent hands.

I realized I was gapping too much value by quitting poker. If there was anyone else in the hand, they folded to Villain who smooth called.

This page, 3 lb. And constantly rubbing up against me.

Perhaps the hotel gets a cut, or maybe the hotel is just okay with it because it brings in customers? But why do this for the seventh anniversary? So I sat at the bar and waited to order a drink. Earn "ProCoins" by making correct poker decisions.

He pointed out that another room in town was offering virtually the exact same tournament as he was and they were getting like people a day for theirs—just about the same as he was getting for his. Suits are not used to break ties, nor are cards beyond the fifth; only the best five cards in each hand are used in the comparison.

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Honestly, with that fairly dry board, I might have been tempted to slow-play it and just call there, but the size of the bet was too small to do that. The table was weird, a few aggros but lots of limping too. A four-flush is when you use four cards of the same suit on the board and one from your hand to complete a flush.

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Anyway, there is a hand, the last big hand, that I want to discuss. Suits are not used to break ties.

Constantly growing, adjusting, and rethinking entire strategic functions. Our example shows a five-high straight, which is the lowest possible straight.

Oh, I guess her face was nice enough, but she was definitely too heavy to get away with wearing a bikini. I should also note that paper received an A- lol From there it was just a grind.

Your best five-card hand is A, his is K. Can you make a Straight with A-K? Win and score by making quality decisions, not by winning chips.

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Posted by Rob at 5: And maybe, just maybe I fold Ace putting him on a set. You just use your two highest pairs.

SplitSuit's training videos.

If anyone has a higher card, that person wins obviously you both share the cards on the board. She was super, super friendly. Does she sneak by or does she have a deal with the hotel? But this dealer voluntarily told him who had raised, how much, how much the flop bet was…etc.

The highest pair of the two determines the rank of the two-pair. I had seen him shove top pair, mediocre kicker earlier in the session but that was on a wetter board.

I eventually got my first video making gig at Stox inand was moved over to CardRunners in The villain also called. In the popular stud poker games, the players are all dealt one card at a time or in small groups and they bet money each time they get more cards.

She asked me if I was going to order a drink. At the end, the player with the best poker hand wins all the bets. Trips and a set are the same hand: And the other drink?

All poker hands consist of exactly five cards. Three of a Kind Any three cards of the same rank.

As the dealer was about to put out the turn card, Villain proudly turned over his hand.

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