Lost poker

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Lost Poker

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Poker player Loses $1 Million in one hand.

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You call raises with weak hands and then fold to further action. Extreme Forbidden Tube Subscribe to No Donkeys Allowed! Arabian Girl Loses Her Virginity.

Where am I going wrong?

This is a double mistake. My body was convulsing violently, so much so that I had raised my midsection up, carrying Monica with me, and she was now literally standing on the bed in order to continue slamming her self upon me.

She might not dominate James, but I knew in my heart that she either was or had been a dominatrix. I was almost perspiring.

This story is about a male who comes to realize his submissive dreams, about his humiliation, and dominant women. Then he would slam back into her, and if I were unfortunate enough to have my mouth out in an ecstatic cry, it would be filled with his enormous testes.

She looked at me and then grinned, looked down and snickered. I usually cry and tell you how bad of a poker player you are. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. You should always have a plan of action for later streets. She would cry out in ecstasy, and so would I, because every time he pounded into her, Monica would pound onto me.

All Adult Tubes He did this several times, each time slapping me with his balls.

His girlfriend told him mischievously that no, he had to stand and model also. But not so anymore. Miranda said of course.

Not a lot, BUT, I lost to 2 jerks who were in collusion. And before I continue, I think this is the time to share a little more about Maria and myself that I purposefully saved for now so as not to spoil the "surprise".

It is bad enough to do this after you bluff people out of a pot, or when you make a bad call, or when you get called while bluffing on the river in which case you should try to indicate that you surrender, and muck without showing.

Monica stepped in and placed a cock ring around the base of my erection tightly.

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She grasped my hair in her hands, "Quick, make me cum, I need to cum, everyone is waiting. You blame the poker room and not yourself.


I have brown hair and blue eyes, which my wife says were the first thing that attracted her to me. Bet Your Ass On Stories Poems Story Series.

How does, say, a nice, round 26 reasons sound? The purpose of this site is to allow serious players to share insights, ideas and information.

Then she removed the key from around her lovely throat, reached down and unlocked me. I was trying to deal with a wave of emotions and thoughts. Without having to be told, he stood and pulled down his briefs. I had a reason for asking.

Take you time and play within your comfort zone. The game was down to Miranda and James, and the rest of us just watched in anticipation.

Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: Flop came 9c5c3c, turn Ks, river 8c. I mean that I let out a blood curdling scream, and with all the power my lungs could muster.

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As I said, our sex life had always been great. Of course, a lot of money can be made with a thin value bet on the river if your opponent actually calls you with a losing hand. Put money in the middle with strong hands. Slowly, gently, he pressed it against her while moving it from side to side tenderly, working the head inside of her.

Knox, thank you for your advice. For instance, a mere unsuited AK pre-flop is the most-often overplayed and misplayed hand in hold em. You will not move unless I tell you to. I could feel myself flush as he stood, and Maria grasped my arm as she muttered, "Oh, fuck.

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I think she was really enjoying my discomfort, or perhaps the attention from all of the males in the group, because she seemed to find lots of reasons to bend over and display them to us. She still has a flat stomach and ass that will make you cry.

First Maria lost her top, and I could tell all of the other guys were having a hard time not staring at her perfect breasts, barely restrained by her lacy little bra.

It was becoming hard, but felt soft and pliant at the same time. All visual depictions displayed on this Web site, whether of actual sexually explicit conduct, simulated sexual content or otherwise, are visual depictions of persons who were at least 18 years of age when those visual depictions were created. James stood and everybody watched.

I asked if I could help. Leave this one for those of us who do like to be dominated, or to dominate. Losing players often fail to bet or raise enough, letting opponents stay in with garbage hands or draws for free or very cheap.

This concept can apply to any type of action you can take in poker, including betting for value, betting to block your opponent from betting, raising, checking, check-raising, calling with a draw, calling with a made hand, bluffing, semi-bluffing, making a tough fold, etc. YES, give it to me!

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We were to play our game in the den, but afterwards everyone would be welcome to utilize her deck, pool or hot tub. Losing players often act impulsively, without discipline.

Instead of taking care of herself, she nonchalantly ordered Marcia to crawl to the head of the table and fellate James. My poor tortured cock had been mostly devoid of any sensation whatsoever for hour after hour while I experienced the most erotic events of my life.

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