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League Poker

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Send out emails each week reminding your players of the tournaments and times.

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Add the food and drink specials and Bonus chips to the event details. Limit extra chips for only the 1st game of the night. Super Ladies Night - Ladies 10k Bonus to start.

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The next Main is Sun. Suggested Bonus Chips Remember you may not give extra chips for any purchases at the Pub.

Your customers are the best tools to promote your night. Have the chips and tables ready one hour before the tournament begins.

Contact Phone email We look forward to working with your staff to make each event a success. Simply show up at one of our nightly venues and sign up with the Tournament Director.

Educate your staff about poker night! We have compiled some promotional material with ideas for a fun and successful evening.


Remember you are not a Poker room manager who knows all the rules in and out, just do your best and learn as you go. Set up extra chip stacks in case you have late players.

Contact Us today to advertise your Business.

Play early Saturday with 2 games at Patio. Sign out multiple times and start the Main with more.

PLP works 2 ways: Call Maria Ledesma at for more info. Make the Breaks only enough time for players to get a drink, go to the bathroom, smoke a cigarette, and chip up your colors. Update the rankings within 24 hours. Land a Straight or better by.

Players determine the size of their starting stack at our Main Event tournaments by how. Hand of the Night: Thank You and Good Luck! TOP 5 Sign Out! The better you do, they more you earn.

PLP is not a gambling league or online gambling website. Click here for more information. Have your tournament set up and ready to go on time. Maximum 2 Emails Create a Facebook Event.

We are simply a social. There is no membership fee, rake, forced rebuy.

Create great food and drinks specials for your poker night. Welcome to Premiere League Poker Entertainment.

Always keep the tables as even as possible in the number of players throughout the blind. Bring a New Friend. These are only suggestions, try and use the bonus chips to promote your night.

Unused Gift Cards will no longer be redeemed at the Main for extra chips to start, so use them. Click here to view. College Gameday Gear Bonus - Wear your fav.

The more they know the more the customers will know.

Prepare for the Next Season

Tips for A Successful Poker Night Promotional posters and table tents should be out all week for customers to view. All of the games at PLP are completely free to play. For more information on how our social club works, visit Learn PLP here.

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AND 3 Nights Needed. Easy Week to make the Main: Get 20k each to start!

Bonus Option is back. Self Check-In for 5k. See Bonus Chip suggestions.

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Have NO favorites, and stay consistent. Give your players your contact information.

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