Hm2 zoom poker

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Hm2 Zoom Poker

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Zoom Poker HUD - 6 Max v1.2

How to setup Holdem Manager to run with Pokerstars Zoom tables


It may be that the wrong currency is being viewed. If you do not use preferred seating then you can skip this step.

You can always reinstall them later. When i put on the hud with table finder it does not change when i change table maybe this is normal.

Reply to Thread Page 1 of 1 1 Jump to page: We aim to respond via email within 24 hours. We do not store credit card numbers so we cannot verify using that method in any case.

There is an option to use new mini-charts in the HUD rather than traditional stats. All reports, including those newly added, have a standard view and a graph view. Profitably analyzing your game away from the table is just as important; capitalize by using over 1, metrics enhancing your game while crushing the competitions.

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If you hover over the? Add safcproc1 to Rail Reply Quote 1.

If you continue to have problems after doing that and trying all the steps in the FAQ then you need to email us the requested files so we can figure out what is causing the problems. I rewatched all the NFL games and made a bunch of observations through a fantasy lens: Run as admin Make sure your running Holdem Manager as an admin by following these instructions. I am having problems registering HM2.

Reimport Your Hands Try reimporting the hand histories: English Hand Histories Ensure the poker client is the English poker client. Read What the Experts are Saying Invaluable tool in maintaining my edges in the biggest cash games in the world. Applying a discount code After adding an item to the cart, you should add the code where you see the "Enter Promo Code" box.

US-based P5ers PocketFives does not recommend playing online poker on sites offering rake-based games in the United States, except on state-licensed sites in New JerseyNevadaand Delaware. The discount should be applied immediately.

If you cannot remember your password, use the forgot password feature. Player Analysis Your imagination is about the only limitation on the situational filters that you can set on the combinations of position and betting lines for an opponent.

Please choose the product you would like support for

Postgrespass is the default password HM2 uses. Change your HUD based on what street the action is on.

Verify Normal Tables are working If you are still having issues at this point test the HUD on a normal table to verify its working correctly. Anyone who is serious about poker will benefit from using HM. How do i retrieve my license code?

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Make sure all games or the specific games are correctly selected. Even better would be get rid of the bloated Norton and install something Security Essentials or Kaspersky which will be lighter, protect you, and have fewer HM2 conflicts.

Automated tool for adding stats to reports: Sometimes a database can become corrupt. PocketFives does not recommend playing online poker on sites offering rake-based games in the United States, except on state-licensed sites in New JerseyNevadaand Delaware. Cant connect to PostgreSQL. Forgot your username If you can not remember your username, please email us from the email used when purchasing the code.


Again, we can auto detect this for you by clicking the Auto Detect button or you can manually adjust to suit. Please do not email credit card details for your own security.

Holdem Manager 2

Use this option to set your preferred seat position for each of the table types. I have the latest HM2 version instaled. Older patches have known issues that cause problems with PostgreSQL. If you initially installed PostgreSQL with Pokertracker the password might be dbpass or you might have chosen a personal password. Be sure to include other email addresses if you are not sure which one you used.

Most importantly, it delivers it in an amazingly intuitive way. If after following those steps you are still having issues. Quick Start Guide for HM2. This is happening also on iPoker speed tables.

We hope to have positive news soon regarding online poker regulation in the remaining U. C - Make this the default database if this will be the database you plan to use most often.

Click here for more details.

No matter what your poker software experience level is, HM2 provides real-time data allowing quick profitable decisions at the tables. This version is usable at only the smallest games. If you click on the tease, more information is displayed, including a link to a more detailed FAQ.

Clear Filters First select Clear Filters. Once all that is done you can restore the.

These auto-generated player notes are incredibly powerful and allow you to drill down and replay the actual hands that triggered the notes! Too tired to think, dont make me think PokerJermz This is how it should have always been showing. Add razzledazz to Rail Reply Quote 7. Then add the location of the folder the hand histories are located in.

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